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Recording MIDI in separate tracks

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  • Recording MIDI in separate tracks

    Hey guys. I have a td-12 kit and want to get into recording. My question is, can I tell a recording program like logic pro or pro tools to record my drums via midi, but to seperate each trigger unto its own track. So that after I sesh I have a snare track, kick track etc? Is this possible and if so what keywords do I use to search for more information on this.

    I thought I could kind of do this manually by recording a midi track with all triggers, then cutting each trigger out of the midi track and pasting it into a new clean midi track. I dont want to do this evertime though. any thoughts?

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    yes you can separate into 16 MIDI tracks.
    Keep in mind that ProTools is a high end program and needs compatible hardware to work.

    Cakewalk Sonar is better when it comes to MIDI IMO anyways

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      In Cubase, you can record to one track, then have it split to separate tracks based on notes. Its a great tool.