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Please help me choose a drum brain for acoustic jazz and sequencing (Cakewalk)

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  • Please help me choose a drum brain for acoustic jazz and sequencing (Cakewalk)


    I just purchased a Pintech kit for a very good price and am trying to make a decision on the right drum brain model to interface it too. My primary playing is acoustic jazz, so I will add the Roland V-Cymbal Ride, but having all three triggers active is not that big of a deal. I also do not play out, but am looking for sounds that would complement what I already have in my studio.

    So my questions are, what would your recommendations for a drum brain be based on my need for:

    1) High-quality acoustic drum and cymbal sounds
    2) Ability to send clean midi data from brain to sequencer and vice versa

    It seems to come down to the TD-8 vs TD-10 vs the Yamaha DTExtreme. I am just afraid that the Midi Implementation of the Roland Units will not play nicely with Gigastudio and/or Cakewalk, and this would not be suitable.

    Any advice appreciated.



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    Well, the Roland and the Yamaha brains work as they should with Gigasampler and Cakewalk, but I doubt if you'll be happy with the acoustic sounds.
    Maybe you should try the Ddrum 4.

    "Fry that sound effect, Moriarty, we're having it for breakfast"


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      Doesn't the yamaha let you upload your own patches? That would be a sure fire way to get the acoustic sounds you want.


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        Originally posted by mcconaghy:
        Maybe you should try the ddrum 4.
        What you say ...