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Problems with the Heat?

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  • Problems with the Heat?

    Hello all,

    I'm new to my TD-8/Hart Pro set. I recently played an outdoor gig and it was very hot outside (and, of course, no shade for the band).

    Has anyone experienced any problems with running electronic drums/modules in the heat? At one point during a song the metrodome/counter came on unexpectedly. At other times the sounds for the kits were, shall we say unusual despite me not making any changes. Of course some of the sound issues on stage were also created by the sound guys who kept screwing with things instead of just leaving it alone. So, I'm not sure if it was kit malfunction or sound guy malfunction.

    Anyway, how do these hold up in the 100 degree heat?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi mate

    We never experience that prob as i'm in the UK so we don't really get that sunshine thingy.

    But how about fans? point at module and keep cool? and one at you
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      Can't say first hand, but I would strongly advise:

      1) a small fan that you can clamp or position close to the module (just in case)
      2) a shade for the module to reduce the amount of sunlight beating down on it.

      I can imagine the TD8's black portion of the housing becomming way hotter than ambient temperatures if left in direct sunlight. ...and we all know how much circuitry loves heat.

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        For outdoor gigs i always take my 3x3M pop-up gazebo ............ it'll stop you and the kit melting ............ over here we have the opposite ie, the constant threat of rain.
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