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mesh heads on acoustic drums + triggers

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  • mesh heads on acoustic drums + triggers


    I'm looking into getting my first electric kit. I was hoping to be able to convert my old acoustic kit into an electric one, by exchanging the drumheads with those Pearl mesh muffler heads, then using ddrum redshot triggers through the alesis triggerio into EZdrummer or BFD. For cymbals, I was going to get a smarttrigger high-hat and use the visu-lite controller from pintech so I would still be able to use my old stand. I plan to get a smart-trigger ride and probably two pintech TC crashes.

    I have a couple of questions -

    Has anyone tried (I'm sure people have) using mesh heads on an acoustic drum with triggers? How quiet is it? Does it respond well? Dynamic sound?

    What about the high-hat controller? Has anyone heard of it, or know where I can buy it? It seems to be pretty difficult to find.


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    Hi there, your idea should be fine. An example of this, although using a module, is in my signature. I wouldn't go with the red-shots as the general consensus is they are crap - a lot of them end up second hand on ebay, a bit like the Roland triggers, not a good sign. The pro triggers are spot on, exteremely robust and industry standard, well worth the extra *insert currency of choice here*
    Anyhoo HTH