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  • syndrums

    anyone know what syndrums are worth?
    syndrums twin- excellent condition- pedals- everything works, etc.
    are these collectable/desirable at all? i didn't realize that this is what i was hearing on zappa's stuff.
    thanks for any help!

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    The Pollard Syndrum has never been one of the more popular vintage electronic drums. And the Quads seem more collectible than the twin.

    One of the problems is that other manufacturers came out with more popular and compact edrums and the Syndrum was lost in obscurity. The Synare is a good example of that.

    Worth is hard to determine. Sales of these are few and far between. The sounds are not unique anymore. You would have to find someone who wants it for the collectors value.

    If you are willing to risk it, I would throw it up on eBay and see if anyone is interested.


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      i figured as much. i found the real time adjustments kinda neat, but agree with you; i have other gear that does the same, takes up less space, and is easier to use. thanks for the help!


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        There is a museum that has the Quad that is always looking for donantions. You might be able to get a tax writeoff!
        The largest online museum of vintage electronic musical instruments, including Synthesizers and Drum Machines, both analog and digital.