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DIY A-E Help Request

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  • DIY A-E Help Request

    So I'm building my first acoustic to electronic conversion set, with parts I already have:

    - PDP EZ 5 piece (Bass, snare, 2 toms, floor tom)
    - PDP hardware (HH stand, snare stand, bass pedal, single cymbal stand)
    - Roland TD-7 module (receiving and testing it this week)

    For now, as I don't have pads/triggers to use the TD7 module, I'm going to MIDI it to my Yamaha keyboard, to start testing it and programming it.

    If you can't afford everything all at once, what should be the NEXT MOST IMPORTANT piece of equipment that you'd add:
    Bass trigger? (I prefer DIY, as I enjoy doing projects...)
    FD-7 pedal, for Hi Hat control?

    I'm thinking at least if I assemble the drums, I could still play them, even without a bass pedal or hi hat controller...

    As a humble student, beginning drummer, I Thank You in advance!

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    Get yourself some trigger cables, you can't really do anything without them.
    Then simply research the method you'd like to use for triggering, and begin amassing parts and supplies.

    In your case, I'd look at some of the A to E cymbal conversions, and build a hi-hat controller. Triggering the kick is almost exactly the same as triggering the other drums, so those could be done all at once.

    There are lots of good threads here, and widely available at several other sites. And if you have questions, you only need ask...

    Good luck and have fun!

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      Thanks, Sabre! I just got the TD7, today. Plugged it in, turned it on, and it lights up (since I don't have cables or triggers, I can't test it, yet...).

      Off to Radio Shack, for piezos and jacks...

      Also, next main project is building the Hi-Hat (with Jman's help/parts), as you suggest!