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The old what should i get question, but please help me out.

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  • The old what should i get question, but please help me out.

    I really need some advice. What setup would you recommend for triggering BFD in cubase. I have some options here.

    Yamaha dtxpress (old but in good condition 400$)
    Roland HD-1
    Roland TD-3kw
    Roland TD-3 module (used 80$) What pads should i get for this?
    Would it work with ddrum4 pads (used 50$ a piece), would some cheper pads trigger alright with the Roland TD-3?

    I would be very grateful for som information....

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    Dude...if you're just using it to trigger...

    I would vote the old Yammie. That's a good price for a full set..

    I would stay away from the HD1. The pedals, and overall feel of the set is not great if you're using it for anything other than to screw around ocassionally. (I've been a big HD1 basher from the get go...so I went to Sam Ash this weekend and really tried to give it a chance for a good hour +, but it's just not a great drumset. It's ok...but mostly for an ocassional user, or someone really screwed for space.)

    TD3 is fine.

    -Can't comment on Ddrum...I've never used.

    -I have heard the midi mapping is not the most fun thing in the world to do with the Yammie though.... if you can test drive the Yammie...try that. Otherwise I'd say it's a toss up between the td3 and Yammie.

    Now if you plan to use any of the sounds in teh module or the kit by itself ever...get the td3.

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      Thanks for the answer.

      Thanks alot.
      So you think an old DTexpress would trigger sounds in pc ok?
      I understand that the TD-3kw seems a bit better, its at twice the cost
      Anyone who used the "old" dtexpress like this?
      Then again i could buy the Roland TD-3 brain cheap, and some nice pads. Drum4 pad opinions anyone? Or maybe even convert my ****ty acoustic set.
      The freedom of choice........argh.