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Pearl Drum-X

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  • Pearl Drum-X

    Can anyone tell me how to trigger this module over MIDI? Do I need kind of a trigger to MIDI interface in reverse?
    DTX950, UX8, Logic

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    I had a drumX and I am petty sure it wasn't midi the Pearl Syncussion kit was the only Pearl E kit with Midi.
    If the module doesn't have a midi in or out you can only trigger from trigger inputs as far as I know..


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      The Drum-X has an "external trigger" input in addition to the 5 individual inputs but I don't believe this is a MIDI input. Having bought this module when it first came out in the 1980s, I remember the salesperson telling me that Pearl was going to develop some type of interface that would connect to the external trigger input. However, Pearl got out of the e-drum business before following through.