Hi everyone.

I'm about to buy a TD-12 in around 4 weeks time and I will definitely be making a Tennis Ball riser for it and would like to have one ready for when my TD-12 arrives . I've found heaps of information here on the Vdrums forums regarding how to do this. However, I'm a little tight for space and was wonder if any of you TD-12 owners out there, or at least anyone using an the kit's MDS-12BK rack, could advise me on the minimum dimensions in which a tennis ball riser should be regarding length x width?

I've read several posts where people have used 5'x5', or even more.

I've thought about having a riser for the kit and an additional smaller riser for my throne should I have to use more space than intended for the kit. Then again, I may get by with my throne adjusted quite high (within reason though).

Could someone please measure the base size of their MDS-12BK rack for me so that I could get an idea of its set up dimensions?