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TD-9 Crash Cymbals

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  • TD-9 Crash Cymbals

    Guys, I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me. I currently have a TD-9 set with with kick, snare, 4 toms, one Hi-hat, ride and two crashes. I have Tom 4 in Aux and the second crash in Crash 2. Is it possible to split the Crash 2 into a third crash? I would be OK if they even had the same sound, I just want a third crash above my floor tom. Is this possible?

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    For the same sound it's easy; just use a stereo to dual stereo splitter cable or adapter, like a Hosa YPP-118. (For different sounds it's much more complex and limiting.)



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      Iv used the splitter and it works perfectly.....but yeah the sound is the same so I have used the cy 5 in between my first two toms as a splash and angeled it so i just hit the rim and angled my other crash so i just hit the top.....works for me adds a piece and is more fun with rolls....hope you can figure it out....