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check your nuts before your next gig!

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  • check your nuts before your next gig!

    hey folks, if you gig with a td-20, and you haul your kit in a box van, and you happen to travel approx. 300-400 miles per weekend... you might want to make sure (all of the screws) on your kit are tight. during a sound check as i'm jamming away, eyes closed, i hear a big thud. no, not my thunderess kick in action. the front legs on my rack collapsed and my kit is now laying flat on the riser, keith moon style. upon closer inspection every nut on every drum is loose, i mean tighten with your fingers loose. all the constant road trips over the past 2 1/2 years worked every thing loose. i never noticed any wobbling or 'give' in any pad, which i guess should say something for the quality of the pads, i should have been checking the rack though. i'll definately put more time into spinal tap prevention, not just making sure the kit is clean and looks good. no td-20 owner should be without a good pair of needle nose pliers!
    :D "I'm not the worst drummer in the world. But if he dies...":(

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    Yikes! Thanks for the heads up.


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      That could've been nasty!!