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DW DP402 pedal killin' my foot?

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  • DW DP402 pedal killin' my foot?

    Hi all, just got into the drumming world, so I'm very green with all this (actually called a shop to walk me through on how to set up my HH !!).

    Anyways, bought a DW402 double kick pedal and I've adjusted the tension to my liking. However, the hammer is slamming the top of my foot. Anything I can tweak on the pedal to fix this? I've been playing with the heel/toe method and this helps, but when I tap the pedal, this is when it's really slamming my foot.

    Thanks very much...

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    After some playing around with the pedal, I got the hammer from slammin' my foot. I had to adjust the allen screw, which in turn raised the hell out of the pedal. I'm guessing that it's some sort of trade off between the two. Don't know if it's normal to have the pedal in the front so high, but probably doesn't matter with the 1 beat I know...

    Would be nice to have the pedal a little lower, but don't think you can adjust the rod that the hammers clamp onto, just the springs.


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      It does sound like the beater is way too far back. I adjust mine so they are only about 3 or 4 inches off vertical when my feet are on them but not playing.


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        Thanks for the reply Michael, I think there may be a problem with the pedals. I'm having a tech guy look into it. If there indeed faulty, I'm gonna return them for a different brand. Currently running the Pacific Drums Dp402 pedal and will probably switch out to the Gibraltar pedal. I've read that you can change the beaters and pedal independently.

        EDIT: gonna return the 402's and just bought a DW8000.
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