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Problems updating TD-8 module *help*

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  • Problems updating TD-8 module *help*

    So I have a USB to midi cable that I borrowed from a friend (Yamaha ux16). I downloaded the driver and installed it alright.
    I also have the 1.10 update and the SMF uploader.
    The problem is that when I try to turn my module on update mode, it just won't work.
    I keep the "setup+rec" buttons pressed but it won't start, no matter how long I do this. when I release them it just starts normally.

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    You need to follow the instructions EXACTLY as its stated.. Its easy to over look what they are telling you to do....

    It might be worth loking at my post at the end of this thead for re-assurance:


    Anyway, back to your original question, this is what you need to do:

    1. Power on while holding the [SETUP]+[REC] buttons and keep them pressed. At this point [SETUP] will light.

    2. Continue holding [REC] and release [SETUP]

    3. Now press [DOWN] and [CHAIN] will light.

    4. Continue holding [DOWN], release [REC], and press [BWD].

    5. After a few seconds [CHAIN] and [REC] light. When this happens release ALL the buttons.

    6. If [CLICK] lights, FlashID error has occured.

    7. When [CHAIN]+[REC] go out and [PLAY] lights, you are now ready to dump the firmware.

    8. If at any point, you miss these steps, the unit just boots up in normal mode.. However, once you get to the later steps (I think 5 onwards), its too late to go back.

    Good luck and if you have any questions, just ask.

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      Now I get it :P
      Cool, it worked.
      Thanks a bunch dude!!

      Check this out, my kicks model's KD8, but I only have KD7 here, weird...
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