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SPD-S low volume/output problem, help!

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  • SPD-S low volume/output problem, help!

    Hi everyone, nice forum you have going here, I should soon be a part of it.

    So my problem is this, I just bought an SPD-S and am experiencing low volume output from the headphones and the line outs. I am not an idiot, the volume knobs are up and cables are connected properly.

    It's much like this fellow a couple of years ago:

    I can't find any other information ANYWHERE.

    However, one thing we have in common (apart from the problem), is that he used a difference power supply (2200mA - which shouldnt be an issue - see other thread)

    I got my SPD-S from America, and here in Australia used a 9V 1000mA adaptor, which is what roland specifies and it should all work fine. But yeh, the low volume.

    please help!


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    Is there a difference between classes of power transformers?

    The roland american one says: DC9V 1000mA Class 2 Transformer.
    The australian one just says: DC 9V 1000mA.


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      G'day Blakey32,

      I doubt that the power supply would affect the output level (but stranger things have happened....).

      Normally low power would result in a brownout and intermittent signal or just not booting.

      fyi - I have an SPD-S also and it produces ample output on half volume through the h/phones and the line outs and my power supply is a genuine Roland, 23w, 9v, 1200mA

      The support staff at Roland may be able to assist you......


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        roland adapter?

        Thanks Herc, good info,

        Could it be that it's not a genuine roland adapter?
        It does say on the back "USE ROLAND ACI, ACB, OR PSB-1U ADAPTOR ONLY."

        But I don't see how it would be any different, as long as the DCV and Amps are the same, right?

        Has anyone tried using a different adapter with success/fail?


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          Took it to the local music shop and tested out theirs, works fine.


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            Drumkat Turbo 4.5, Emulator X3, Superior 2.1, Roland Fantom XR, DTXtreme III, SPD-20 etc.......