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Backing up and saving from TD-9 problem!

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  • Backing up and saving from TD-9 problem!

    I was wondering if anyone with the new TD-9 has a mac, because I do and I just bought a flash drive a few days ago to save recordings and to be able to play songs off it.
    The problem I'm facing is that I can save stuff from the drum brain on the usb but my computer cant seem to open it up. Does anyone know what software I should download in order to read this data on my computer.


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    I have a TD-9 and a Macbook Pro running OS X 10.5.2. I can read the TD-9 backups from the USB flash drive just fine. When I stick the USB flash drive into the USB port on my Mac it shows up on the desktop as a removable drive named TD-9.

    What version of the Mac OS do you have? Also, did you format your flash drive on your TD-9, first?

    On second thought, maybe you are asking how to play the results of your recordings on your Mac? If so, then the answer is that you cannot do this. The quick record files are in a Roland proprietary format and there is no software on Mac, or Windows, or Linux that can read these files. They can only be played back on your TD-9.



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      ah I see....yeah I wanted to play my recordings on my computer....and maybe post them or send them out...so there is no way of saving my recordings from the drum brain and playing them on my computer?

      And no I did not format my flash drive on the TD-9 but the files are all there should I still format it?....why so?

      Thanks very much for the quick reply.


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        The td-9 "quick record" files are not sound files, and cannot be played on the Mac (or anywhere other than the TD-9 module, for that matter). There was a recent thread about this that should answer most questions. It is here:
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          Cheers mate!