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VH-12 Hi-Hat

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  • VH-12 Hi-Hat

    Using the VH-12 Hi-Hat, I've been having trouble getting a good, responsive, swooshy opening and closing sound (ie Zep "the Ocean", Aerosmith "Walk This Way"). I have played around with a few settings, but have not had any luck. Adjusting technique to attack the top cymbal rather than the edge of both cymbals seems to be the only solution. Anyone know of a setting that I may tweak or is this just the nature of the beast?

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    I would most certanly want tips on this one too, experiencing the same problem...


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      I think it's as much a technique thing as anything else. I get the callibratrion set so that the hats are as far apart as I am comfortable with, using the guage display to set the proper settings. Then you have to play with them a while to get used to the right places to hit them and the right amount to get them pulled apart to ge that nice swishy sound. I takes a little doing, but when you get there it's SO much better than playing on a static pad, Especially for the in-between sounds which I could never get with a standard pad or even the older hihat pad, whatever that one was called.
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