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  • Td-3sw


    I'm new to this forum, and I'm not a drummer. I just purchased a Roland TD-3SW kit for my wife. I play bass myself. I'm a little confused on the the drum kits. You have 32 factory kits which you can override. Where do the 32 user kits fit in. I tried creating one and found the U1-U32 options but when I created a kit there was still only 32 total. Can you select kits a U1-32 and 1-32?

    I have a boss Dr-3 and your factory kits are separate from the user kits, so that is the reference point I am coming from.


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    That's a bit of a misnomer from Roland by stating that there are 32 user kits. Basically what that means is that you can change the parameters on the factory kits and, walla!, they are now user kits. I never used my TD-3's kits as it was my expansion module so I only used its sounds, but that's pretty much what user kits means.
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      Page 27 (Copying a Drum Kit [KIT COPY]) in the TD-3 manual probably explains it best. You can only play and edit U01-U32 (which are initially the same as P01-P32). But you can always restore a factory preset kit from P01-P32, and even preview one of those kits while performing the copy operation.