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SPD-S/TD-20 MIDI setup advice.

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  • SPD-S/TD-20 MIDI setup advice.

    I am lazy I guess. I have not looked into this as much as I should have by now. ii

    My new SPD-S kept resetting itself so is out for repair by Roland so I cannot play with it ATM.

    When it comes back in I would like to do two things right away. If anyone can just give me the step by step I would appreciate it.
    I am still new to MIDI.

    A) My SPD-S is mounted on the right so I want to be able to use a SPD-S pad as a HH trigger from that side of the kit. Still being able to use the HH pedal of course ii

    B-1) I would like to be able to trigger a sound sample from the SPD-S on say the snare or tom rims.

    B-2) Also is there a way to set it up to also trigger the snare sound AND the sample if I hit the snare rim? This would be great to just keep playing but trigger a fast sample and normal snare sound on that hit.
    I need to learn to do it both ways.

    I know this involves MIDI set up between the two of course but I just have not had enough time to play with it.

    Thanks guys.