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Thinking of getting electric drums

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  • Thinking of getting electric drums


    I've been playing acoustic drums for some time, and I've been thinking of changing to an electric, and I have a couple of questions:

    1)I was thinking of just getting some mesh heads and triggers, but I'm afraid of double-triggering and I have the feeling that they're not going to be as sensitive as a regular electric drum head. Am I correct?

    2)My current idea is to buy an Alesis USB Pro, which to my understanding is a DM5 Pro kit with a TriggerIO instead of a DM5. Has anyone tried the pro kit? How sensitive is it? If you play notes near the rim - can you hear a difference? Can you easily choke the cymbals?

    3)I'm trying to refrain from buying a DM5 or any other machine - and I'm wondering if it's just me - but I've been watching some clips, and especially when it comes to fast drum-rolls, the machines start sound extremely fake.
    I'm hoping that connecting to a TriggerIO and running the drums through BFD or EZdrummer will give me a more authentic sound. Is this probable?

    4)Has anyone tried RET Percussion sets? Why are they so expensive compared to the Alesis Pro? Is there anything that they offer that the Pro doesn't?

    Thanks allot.

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    I just bought a set this week, but I spent hours and hours (actually days) pouring over the threads here and at other sites. The alesis, from what I have read, are cheap, unreliable, and inaccurate. The old phrase, "You get what you pay for" seems to hold very true in the e-drumming world.

    Spend some time searching, all the questions you ask have been answered here. Just type your topic in google or on here and you will find a wealth of information.


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      It comes down to your budget and what you plan on doing with the kit. The search engine will answer all questions...
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        Don't buy anything until you have had a chance to play it. Edrums are like any other instrument. Your personal style and preferences have a lot to do with what constitutes the best kit for you.


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          I have a converted kit with 16" kick, 13" snare, and 8", 10", 12", and 13" toms and they all trigger great with mesh heads and the ddrum pro triggers. I did however, fill them about 7/8 full of foam and then I have a small strip of the soft egg crate foam that runs goes across the shell about a third of the way up that just touches that head and kills extra vibration.

          This seems to work great, my drums track as well as any Vdrums I have played, no double triggering, pretty sensitive.

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