hey everyone, i've been playing my t-12s for about 3 months now and can still sit at them for hours without getting bored. but i do have one question.

before i ask it i should mention that i am not in any position right now (financially) to purchase equipment + software to get the v-expressions sets, which is what i eventually want to do so i don't have to worry about this.

i play mostly rock style drumming and i like my toms to sound kind of dry, but still big. i haven't found a great set of toms to use and i'm not much of a tweaker so i thought someone out there might have some suggestions for their favorite settings for their toms or which ones you guys are using, etc. also, is there anyone out there using toms 2, 3, and 4 instead of 1, 2, and 3? or any other combinations?

if it's any help, i've been trying to tweak a kit to sound similar to riley breckenridge's current set, the drummer of Thrice.

any suggestions would be helpful.