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Tuning the PDX-8?

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  • Tuning the PDX-8?

    Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum and just received my TD-3KW kit today. Having ordered it last week, I have spent countless hours every night scouring this site and gathing invaluable information and insight to the world of eDrumming. One answer I have not been able to find is tuning the PDX-8. The manual say's it first thing but gives no guidelines. I know it's a matter of preference on how tight you like it, but what's a good starting point and what's too tight (damage to the head wise)? Thanks in advance!!

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    Well it does say "rather firm". Tighter is better, and it's virtually impossible to damage a Roland head by tightening. A really tight mesh head usually produces less unnatural trampoline-style bounce and will feel more like an acoustic head.



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      Thanks BarT. So where's a good place to start, 1/2 a turn all the way around, 1 turn? Then work in increments of?


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        Tighten half a turn at a time, in the order shown on Page 4 of the PDX-8 manual or Page 5 of the TD-3KW manual, until you can hardly depress the head with a finger in the center.