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Y Cable use on the TD-20

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  • Y Cable use on the TD-20

    Hello again people. I need your help (again). Can I use a Y-cable for use on the Roland TD-20?

    Here's the problem I am having. I am having trouble on the hearing my ride cymbal (R1 cable) that goes into the ride slot on the back of my TD-20. I haven't been able to find out what the problem is, but that's not what's bothering me. What I would like to know is that I bought a
    y-cable and connected the R1 cable into one end of the y cable and the R2 cable I connected to the other end of the y-cable and plugged them into
    aux1 port. The cymbals both sound loud, which is great, but if I decide to change the sound of one cymbal say R1 to china cymbal, the other cymbal the R2, also automatically changes to that same cymbal. I would like to have different cymbal sounds through the auxiliary one cable. Is it possible to do this?

    Thanks alot in advance to all of you.

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    It needs a special Y-cable as ige87 explained to you a week ago: Problems with my CY-8 follow-up



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      Y-Cable Problem

      Ok, thank you so much, but what kind of a cable, do you know by any chance the model number or kind of cable....? Any info you got...


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        PM sent!


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          You can't generally buy one. You have to make one:

          Sticky: Splitter for Dual Piezo inputs AKA TD-12 or TD-20 Aux/Tom splitter Revisited

          unless pchanning in the UK can sell you one: WTB Trigger Splitter



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