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Need Advice - TD12/TD9SX

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  • Need Advice - TD12/TD9SX

    Hi all.

    Over the past few months I've been researching Edrums and 2 days ago pre-ordered a TD9SX. I'm just starting out as a drummer (been a guitar player for 30 years) and don't need a Queensryche kit....So the TD20 is out.

    Since I have a month or more to wait (which is no big deal), I'm researching some more and found that the TD12 is a better module than the 9 because you have the ability to change sounds of the heads and is very customizable.

    As a newbie, is the TD12 overkill for me? I do like to tweak sounds (guitar player), so now I'm leaning towards the 12. Will the 12 allow me to hook up my ipod and play along with songs? I know the 9 has the USB port, which I don't believe the 12 does and not sure of what benefit or lack there-of the USB holds.

    I haven't sat behind either one of these, so I'm not sure ergonomics have a difference between the two (although look identical).

    I would like to tweak sounds, but is not a make it or break it deal. I'd like to play along with songs (ipod hook up). Go out to a MBox/pro tools setup and the ability to upgrade to 2 or 3 new pads in a year or more.

    Not sure as well, if the rubber kick pad would have less feel than the mesh kick pad and VH11 of the TD 12. Guess it's personal taste but as a newbie, not sure if would know the difference.

    Sorry for the babbling, but I sooo confused now... Know I can't go wrong with either one, but hate to get the 12 and in 4 months it's outdated.


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    Sorry guys, should've posted in the suggestions area.

    My bad.


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      Welcome to the forum.

      The TD-12 (like all of the modules I think) has a mix in so you can play your ipod through that and jam along to any track you want.

      AS a beginner I don't think you'd be disappointed with either kit. But if you think you'll stick with drumming you'll always hanker after a better pad, better module etc... so in general the best advice to to buy the best kit you can at the start. I started with a TD-6 3 years ago and have gradually replaced almost all of it so that the kit is now a TD-12/TD-20 hybrid.... it would have ben cheaper to have bought a TD-20 from the beginning!!!

      Before you buy.... go and try (in a shop, or better still a mate's kit if you know someone with a kit).

      Have fun. G'night folks!


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        Thanks for the advice.

        Going to GC tomorrow, they have both on the floor (would never buy from them though). Not sure what I'm really looking for since I'm so new. However, I do like the expandability of the TD12.

        Thanks again.

        Another question for you guys: Is the PM-30 worth the purchase off the bat or should I wait and just play on headphones? I have a couple guitar cabinets that I could play through, I just don't think they would be great for dynamics of the drums.

        I was feeling ok at the 2.5K price range, now with this TD12 and misc stuff (double kick pedal, hi hat stand, throne, monitors, misc) I'm pushing the 4K range. ouch...... Guess I've spent money on worse things....

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          I don't know. I'm getting into it myself, and I think it's best to stay in a reasonable price range.

          Also, as you upgrade, you'll appreciate the changes far more than if you would have went all out from the start.

          Just the way I see it.


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            I would start with the headphones to get your bearings and then grow your amplification to suit your needs. Will you play at your homestead only for yourself or do you plan to gig? Will you be recording or just playing for pleasure? There are many threads here on amplifcation options, but these questions are important to where you go next.

            As far as piecing a set together versus buying outright. I took the former approach and patiently purchased my gear used (except for the module) at price points that made sense. My first kit was a complete TD-8 V-Custom kit and I wish I had never sold it.

            I have never touched a TD-9 so I can't comment on it. I went from a TD-8 (twice) to a TD-12 and I'm very pleased with the -12 + VEX packs. You will find that the TD-12 module with its stock kits is a joke so don't let that fool you. VEX or your own tweaking of the -12 will set you free.
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              Thanks for the advice guys.

              Might do a little recording to an Mbox/protools setup, but nothing crazy. Mostly gonna play by myself and on occasion have some friends over to jam.

              I like to tweak with electronics, so the TD12 sounds like it's up my alley. Also, I like the kick and hi hat setup with the 12. I certainly can upgrade those and the module down the line, but that would cost more than just buying a TD12 now. However, I'm not 100% sure on the main differences between the 2 modules, cause the video demo of the TD9 looked real nice. I like idea of using the VEX packages but the 9 will have it at some point.

              Money's not really a factor here. I can afford it, just wanna make sure that whatever set I buy, it's gonna last a while. And with the usb on the TD9, wondering what advantages it gonna have on the TD12 in the long run. Are we gonna see a TD13 next year?

              I guess it really comes down to the module. A plug and play style or tweaker style. Kinda leaning towards the TD12.

              Thanks all.


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                I'm in the same position as you. I spent a whole day at my local music store checking out all the Edrum including the Yamaha. Money is no object as i have set aside enough to get the TD-20. I end up liking the TD-9 SX best.
                Right out of the box, it sounds better than the TD12 and 20. You have more parameters on the TD/12-20 but to me it's the end result that counts and i can get basically the same sound from tweaking the limited TD-9 SX as oppose to the countless parameters on the 12-20.
                Of course, once i made up my mind...all the TD-9SX were sold out...now, i must wait :-(


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                  Played both sets today and the pre-installed sounds on the 9 seems better. Maybe cause it's the 09 model and the 12 came out three years ago. Since I'm going with some V expression kits, the pre-installed stuff doesn't matter. Just felt like the 9 module suffered from the lack of tweaking that the 12 offers. Not to mention that the faders are a great feature to have at your fingertips.

                  So just purchased the TD12. Should have it sometime next week.

                  I'd like to thank all that replied.

                  DP402 kick pedal
                  Tama HH905 hi hat stand

                  Thanks all.... Now off to buy a usb/midi cable and some expressions


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                    Fantastic.... the loooooooooooooooongggggg wait starts now!
                    You must have a look at some v-expression kits to get the most out of the module (unless you have the hours free and technical skill to create your own kits).
                    You'll also benefit from features like positional sensing with the TD-12.

                    Let us know how you get on with the new kit.


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                      Originally posted by Swaledale View Post
                      Fantastic.... the loooooooooooooooongggggg wait starts now!
                      You must have a look at some v-expression kits to get the most out of the module (unless you have the hours free and technical skill to create your own kits).
                      You'll also benefit from features like positional sensing with the TD-12.

                      Let us know how you get on with the new kit.
                      Wait shouldn't be too long, I should have it by Wednesday or Thursday. Definitely gonna take advantage of the expression kits. I see they have a special that ends Sunday, so gonna hop on that now. Also, just got in on time with Roland before the price increase.

                      Again, thanks everyone for their input.... Very much appreciated!!!
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