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VH-12 with TD-10 EXP? Will it work?

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  • VH-12 with TD-10 EXP? Will it work?

    I currently use an acoustic hi-hat set up and just have it mic'd through my mixer, because I hate the feeling of the pad for a hi-hat. I was looking at the vh-12 and saw that it is not compatible for td-10 exp, but the VH-11 is. I want the feeling of the two cymbals and heard that eventhough they are not compatible that they will still work but you wont get all the attributes unless you use them with a td-12 or better? So if not, would I be happy with the vh-11 for the better feeling? Thanks. You can see my set up on youtube. type in brian orr drumming.


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    You've asked this twice!



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      I realize that it wasn't in the product forum and I just wanted to get it right? Is that ok? Just looking for an answer...Do you have one for me?


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        see link in my post above to the other thread.... the answer is no you can't use the VH-12 with a TD-10

        Also see this thread to explain why


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          Sorry, just reread you first post and realised you were also asking about the feel of the VH-11 (it's late here in the UK - time for some sleep!).
          IMO the VH-11 feels much better than a fixed pad, and even with reduced fuctionality (used to use it with a TD-6) it was worth the extra cost... but remember that you will need a good quality hi hat stand with a strong spring (so more expense if you don't have one spare).


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            I have a TAMA IRON COBRA stand...is that good enough?


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              I would think that is fine

              You could have a search ... stands for VH-11 was a popular topic a few years back
              here's one thread on the subject... plenty others in the archive!