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Cymbal Problem - TD6

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  • Cymbal Problem - TD6


    I have a problem with my CY-6 cymbal.
    I have the roland TD-6 and since a few days the CY-6 that I use as crash doesn't trigger as it is supposed to be. When I hit the edge the cymbal gives a dampened sound instead of the crash (so the sound chokes like when you grab it with your hand)

    Is it just broken and is there warranty on such problems or is there something else wrong? I checked the cables and module and they are fine...

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    Welcome to the forum.
    The CY-6 can suffer from poor responsiveness or excessive choking. The choking can sometimes be resolved by tipping the cymbal so that you strike the pad cleanly and do not have the length of the stick across the edge of the cymbal which can lead to early choking.
    There are reports of the plastic in the CY-6 cracking and causing triggering problems - have a good look at the cymbal for hairline cracks.
    Other cymbals can have problems with rubber debris ("pixie dust" ) building up under the rubber cover leading to poor triggering, but I haven't heard of this happening with the CY-6 (yet!). Peeling back the rubber and cleaning out the dust will solve the problem if this is the cause (but will invalidate any warranty you have!).

    Regarding warranties.... if you purchased the cymbal second hand then you have no warranty. If you bought it new then you should have details on how long the warrant is. I seem to recall that the TD-6 kits had UP to 5 years warranty if you registered the product. Otherwise it may only have been 1 or 2 years. Since the CY-6 has been out of production for a few years your warranty may have expired.
    If you have a current warranty then return the cymbal if it is faulty.


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      Thanks for this quick answer, I'll peel the rubber back in the morning and check for hairline cracks, I hope it can be fixed because it is second hand so will have to pay for a new one myself


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        Ok, I've noticed a crack in the cymbal, it isn't minor at all, it's like 5cm

        I started peeling of the rubber to check underneeth but how can I glue it back on? Just some rubbercement or so?


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          Hi - have a look at this thread about glues

          This thread gives a bit of discussion about faulty CY-6 cymbals