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Best prices on new TD 12 / TD 9

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  • Best prices on new TD 12 / TD 9

    I'm going to be purchasing a new Roland TD 9 or TD 12 in the next month. I'm very excited to be joining the world of E drummers after years of playing acoustic kits.

    I have residence in Toronto, Canada & New York so I can purchase a kit in either of these countries. And will likely purchase cases to protect them when I travel for extended periods of time.

    I'm looking for the best prices available for each kit, so I can factor the cost into my decision making process. I will also be adding an additional CY 12 and appropriate mounting bracket.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as I am on a very tight budget and will be buying these drums rather than pay off my student loan, shhhhhh
    You can post on here or PM me.
    Thanks Vdrummers
    TD-9KX with additional cy-12 and cy-5

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    Hello, welcome, try www.rmcaudio.com they have the best prices, I shopped around and they win hands down in price and service.

    Hurry up because roland is raising prices on June first, 'cause of the weak dollar.
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      Yes....hurry. Put some cash down on it, to lock in the price before it goes up. Should save you $300 or $400.
      Not to sound like a commercial, but ACT NOW!


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        Buying Local can be a good deal

        Just a note, I recently purchased a TD-20 kit from my local Guitar Center. I walked in armed with my best prices and asked my GC guy if he would match it... he said sure, no problem! I wanted them to of course because I want to support my local shop and I want local service if I need a loaner or have a problem... and they are there. I also got to try out a couple hi-hat stands and pick out the one I really liked, as well as the snare stand... perfect kit now thanks to buying local and shopping for best price. I guess all I'm trying to say is don't assume that mail order will always be the best price... ask... you might be pleasantly suprised.

        And most importantly - remember to save a few bucks to get some v-expression kits... so you will have your real TD-12!




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          Have you ever had a Guitar Center actually help you out with a problem? I will support any locally OWNED store. That is where you get real service and support.


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            Thanks for the replies vdrummers, I appreciate the insight.
            And yes, as I alluded to earlier I definately plan on using Vexpressions!!!
            TD-9KX with additional cy-12 and cy-5