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Dingbat on a td6-SW

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  • Dingbat on a td6-SW

    So my dingbat came in today.

    I tried to set it up on tom2/aux using the same steps here (http://vdrums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40448) that I used to add another tom, but the dingbat doesn't work.

    Do I need to change the trigger type? If so, what type?

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    At SETUP, TRIG BASIC; if you scroll through the input heads and rims using Shift and the Left/Right arrows, what appears after T2:H05? It should be AUX:H06 and not T2:R05. If the latter appears, use +/- to change from Rim to PD-8 or PD Type (either of those should be fine for a Dingbat).

    Do you know that the splitter cable you're using for this is OK? Try swapping it with the insert cable you're already using to split Toms 3 and 4.