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Roland PCS-10IC Insert cable

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  • Roland PCS-10IC Insert cable

    On the manuals of the Handsonic HPD-10 and RMP-5 it says to use a PCS-31L on the external input/footswitch jack to connect external pads. On Roland's website there is no PCS-31L only a PCS-10IC http://shop.rolandus.com/product/par...

    Is this cable the same as the PCS-31L if I got it to use with Handsonic HPD-10? Maybe Drew can answer this for me. Are you in here Drew.
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    The PCS-31L features right-angle mono connectors.

    Although not currently on the RolandUS site, the PCS-31L is a current product. You probably will have to order it from your Roland dealer.


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      ANY standard insert cable should work, whether it says Roland or not. Also, what Drew said.


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        Ahhhh, the elusive PCS-31L. Seldom seen. I actually saw one at my drum shop but already had got some Hosa splitters to do what I needed. Said that one day I'd get it and before I knew it, it was gone. Should have grabbed it knowing what a rarity it is. It was later replaced by another Roland cable but it had straight silver connectors, not right angle connectors.
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