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I need a cable....

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  • I need a cable....

    I can't seem to find a dual 1/4" Male Stereo (for TD3) to 1/8" Male Stereo (single for PC) in 20 ft length. I don't want to use those 1/4 to 1/8 adapters, they are unreliable IMO. Any one know where to find it on the internet?

    Like this but in 20 feet:


    I think this is what I need...but it's insanely expensive:

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    I haven't seen such a cable......you could make your own......but I think one of the adaptors is about the best option - the adaptors are sometimes a bit dodgy, but you can put a bit of the magic gaff around the connection to stop it rotating which seems to be what causes the connection to drop out when using these.....


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      Sorry to state to obvious, but did you call music123 to see if they make it that long? They may not list it on the web site, but if may have it especially if they make there own cables, they could definately make you one.

      Good luck,