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TD-9 and the DB-25 connection

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  • TD-9 and the DB-25 connection

    Hi all! I am new to the v-drum scene, I have a pintech e-jam kit, and I am looking into getting a TD-9 to play with. But I have one major question no one has been able to anwser yet;

    With the DB-25 connector the TD-9 uses can I still connect it to my pintech kit? Or is it Roland specific?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, you can connect any pad with a jack socket. The cable in question has the DB-25 at one end and breaks out to jack plugs at the other. Oh, and welcome to the forum!


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      Welcome Juno, you're onto a good group here.

      If you get the genuine Roland cable with the TD-9 the cable ends should be tagged to match the trigger you need to connect.
      If you get a non-Roland cable you may have to fiddle a bit to match the TRS to the correct pin-out on the DB-25.
      This type of cable has been used before in the industry by Tascam (TEAC) - cable manufacturers (such as Hosa) can supply snakes in 6 - 23 foot (2-7m) lengths if you need them.


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        Thank you kindly for the info guys. Im off to order my TD-9 right now!

        I feel at home already


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          I'm trying to decide between the TD-9 and TD-12 and one of the differences between the two modules is the connecting cable. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether the DB-25 cable format (compared to separate input jacks on the back of the TD-12 module) is better, more limiting, or not an issue when it comes to comparing the two?


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            Personally speaking, I think it would be a bit more of a hassle if your cord should happen to break and you didn't have a spare handy. But technically speaking I am not sure the advantages or disadvantages.