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Smart trigger cymbals versus roland cymbals

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  • Smart trigger cymbals versus roland cymbals

    I am just curious about the playability of smart trigger cymbals? Does anyone own a set of these cymbals that can give me some input ?

    I already own roland cymbals which I really like the playability. I have an acoustic converted drums and I think metal cymbals would complete the look though.

    Or if anyone can give info on any other real look cymbals let me know.

    Great appreciated.
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    Removed post, misread topic..........


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      I own 7 of them. Playability is fine, feels close to a acoustic cymbal. Louder than the Rollies due to being metal instead of rubber surface.

      The problem with the ST's is that there have been a lot of issues about the dampening layer peeling etc. You'll find a lot of discussions about the subject using the search engine.

      My ST china peeled, got a replacement and that peeled also. This china was bought after ST's maker stated in this forum that there had been only a one bad batch which peeled and the problem was fixed. So either there has been more bad batches or he was selling the faulty ones even after knowing they would peel.

      Now my 3-way ride has broken. Just send it today for repairs to Germany. (Warranty period expired).

      The crashes and splashes have been OK so far.


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        UTFSE. There's a *lot* of info in here on peoples's experiences with Smartriggers.

        You're welcome.

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          Originally posted by vjboc View Post
          I have an acoustic converted drums and I think metal cymbals would complete the look though.
          I would recommend that you check out the metal versions of the Hart Ecymbal IIs as well.
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            Like the others said, there is a lot of discussion on STs and recommend you read through some of those threads. That being said, I have 5 STs, three crashes (2x13 and 1X16), 1 dual-zone ride and 1 china...they play well and definitely give me the acoustic feel and look I want. I have had no mistriggering issues and are very compatible with Roland modules without a lot of tweaking. They are louder than the Rolands...especially the ride which I now use as a crash. My Hart ride is much better.

            However....I have been a victim of the infamous peeling issue and have regretted buying them ever since. As soon as possible, I am going to replace them with the Hart ECII metals. Had Hart had these all along, I would never had taken a chance with STs. For acoustic looking cymbals, go with Hart is my advice.
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