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  • roland td5

    hi all just about to purchase an electronic drum kit. can any one tell me what the main differances are between the roland td 5 and the td3 they vary in price alot why is this.also ive noticed that some have a snare with a mesh head what s this mean in practical terms thanks stella

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    Hi Stegsa, welcome to the forum.
    IN short...the TD-5 is old and has not been in production for some time and ,unless it is all you can afford, there are better products....
    The TD-3 has been around for a few years but is still a current product and is a good introduction to V-drums.
    The mesh head pads have a more realistic feel in terms of mimicking an acoustic drum. They are also quieter (but not silent!) than the rubber pads and cause less vibration/impact trauma to your hands and arms, so they cause less fatique. Most people prefer mesh head pads over rubber pads for the snare and toms. Have a look at the wickipedia entry for a general introduction http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roland_V-Drums
    Mesh head pads are more expensive than rubber pads.
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      Yep; the biggest difference is age. The TD-5 was born in 1994 and the TD-3 in 2004.