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Rack for TD-9KX etc.

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  • Rack for TD-9KX etc.


    I'm looking to buy a TD-9KX kit and want to make sure that I get all the bits necessary to get playing straight away. I'm unsure of whether the kit comes with a rack (MDS-9?) on which to mount the heads and 'brain'. Some websites I've visited suggest that it does come with the rack, while some explicitly say that it doesn't. Can you advise? Also, is it worth investing in a mat on which to put the kit (I'm keen to keep noise levels and vibrations to a minimum)? If so, which mat would you recommend?


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    Hi and welcome. Usually, the kits do come with the rack. The kit won't come with a pedal, sticks or a drum stool, unless the shop you buy from will do you a deal, that is if you dont already have your own!

    As for a mat, there are lots of ideas. Do a search for 'tennis ball riser'.


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      Many thanks for the info, ige87. The tennis ball riser looks like a good idea.


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        Not a problem! Have fun when you get the kit.