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KD-120 Issues

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  • KD-120 Issues

    I was just curious as to whether anyone else has had any problems with the pedal mounting assembly on a KD-120? I have a TD-20 kit with 2 - KD-120s and have had both of the mounting bars rotate until the pad rim hits the mounting plate, the cast iron clamp snap near the hinge point and the entire pad squeak and vibrate which produces annoying background noise. I finally had to attach an "L" bracket to the V-Drum shell and bolt it to the pedal mounting plate to eliminate the noise and keep the pad from rotating enough to hit on the chain sprocket on the bass drum pedal. I've actually been considering going from the KD-120s to the KD-8s for something more solid. I also went through a couple of mesh heads on them due to the square beaters that came with my DW 9000s wearing a vertical hole at the edges. I changed over to round, wooden Danmar beaters and haven't worn them as bad, but I can see them getting thin. I even tried different impact pads but they are either too rigid or give an odd trigger responce.

    Anyone besides me have similar issues with the KD-120s?

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    First, I love the bottom kit. It looks fantastic.

    I have never had any of the problems you had with the KD-120. I once had it slip so the bottom rim rubbed against the pedal chain, but a little angling and tightening took care of that. I have never worn out or even ripped a Roland head in all the years I've owned them.

    I did, however, move from the KD-120 back to KD-8s. I just prefer the feel.


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      I had a similar problem with my KD-120. The "clanking" noise when the rim would hit against the mounting plate was distracting. I took a short length of clear pvc tubing and sliced it from one end to the other. I slid that over the top of the mounting plate, and now the rim is not hitting bare metal. It also doesn't affect the looks of the kit.
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        Same problem with the wear on the kick pad heads with the dw 9000 pedals. I actually get about 3 hours of playing time before the head wears out.


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          Lopan, I'm curious what that bracket mounted on top of your pedal is. Never seen anything like it.

          Thank you,



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            Originally posted by hav3atps View Post
            Lopan, I'm curious what that bracket mounted on top of your pedal is. Never seen anything like it.

            That looks like a toe clip for cycling, mounted right into the foot board of the pedal.