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Roland Modules and Yamaha PCY Cymbals

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  • Roland Modules and Yamaha PCY Cymbals

    Has anybody tried out the Yamaha PCY135 and PCY155 cymbals using a Roland module? I have a TD-9 and have DIY cymbals and 1 Smartrigger which actually trigger pretty good but I think I would rather have a rubber playing surface plus I really have to tighten them down so they don't spin. I'm not even sure if the Yamaha cymbals are rubber or hard because none of the shops locally have them, just Roland stuff which is up there in price unless you go with a CY-8 which I'm not to keen on. Any insight to this would help.

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    I have one PCY130s, which works perfect with my TD-9. They are rubber, and a lot quiter than the Roland CY-8. By the way, I have never heard of the PCY135, only the PCY130 and PCY130s (which is the two-trigger/stereo variant).


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      The 135 is the model listed over at rmcaudio.com. It must be the newer model number or something. I'm trying to avoid paying a boat load for all Roland cymbals. I like the DIY ones I have right now but I want my drums to be a tad quieter. Plus I've been having problems with my hands numbing sometimes and it seems like the rubber cymbals are easier on me. I'll probably end up ordering all Yamaha cymbals in that case.