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Realtime recording problems

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  • Realtime recording problems

    Hello friends!

    I'm trying to record my own songs to td20's sequencer. So far i have managed to record only drums and melody part! How can i add bass, backing parts to the mix?! For some reason i'm not able to play them at all. I'm using midi-keyboard to record the other parts! Thank you for your help

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    "Be sure that the transmit channel on your keyboard corresponds to the MIDI channel of the part you wish to record. Each part has it’s own MIDI channel. The factory preset channels are as follows:

    Drum Kit part CH10
    Percussion part CH11
    Melody part CH1
    Bass part CH2
    Backing 1 part CH3
    Backing 2 part CH4

    You can change the MIDI channel by pressing [SETUP] - [F1 (MIDI)] - [F1 (MIDI CH)] (p. 74)."

    (TD-20 Manual, Page 62)



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      Forgive me but i'm still not following! I have those settings in my module! Aren't they factory presets? (Do i have to make some adjustments in my keyboard?)

      So my keyboard is connected to my module. And i have those midi channels in my module as you wrote .Still my keyboard plays only melody part, even when i change the intruments in the bass or backing parts! Sorry for beeing pain in the butt! Thank you.


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        Problem solved! God i'm stupid!