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Alesis DM5 pro hi hat pedal and SPDS

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  • Alesis DM5 pro hi hat pedal and SPDS

    Hey just a quick question. first of all, I play an accoustic kit, with an SPDS set behind my floor tom for samples, with a pd8 nestled in by my hi hat, and a cheap keyboard pedal acting as a sample trigger to the left of my hi hat pedal (such as neil peart). i just received a 100 dollar bonus (woo ) but hey i'll take it. i decided it was time for a new hi hat stand and a real foot trigger. so i was looking at the 50 dollar hi hat stand from pdp, and this 50 dollar pedal from alesis. how sturdy is it? will it be of good use to me? how well does it work with the SPDS (it will be plugged into the "hi hat ctrl" jack.) thanks in advance for the help

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    I think it will work fine because the SPD-S only requires an on/off switch. Or you could get a used Roland FD-8 for around the same price.