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where can I get a TD-8 Power supply?

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  • where can I get a TD-8 Power supply?

    where can I get a TD-8 Power supply? I got a short in my cable. i need to order one quickly!
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    Ive got one, I'm in Australia though, Its a US type that came with my td8 module and its no good to me. ( different voltage and connections )
    $25 aud postage, make me an offer...
    I have paypal...
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      A simple Google search of Roland ACI-120 shows several purchase options, including the retailer who currently owns this domain and forum.


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        hey thanks.

        last night when I got home from the practice studio I could not for the life of me remember the model number for the power supply.

        I see Kraft music is out of stock. I would buy it right from the owner of this site cuz this site has been an almost daily lurk for me since I got my kit.
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          Can you use a power supply from Radio Shack? As long as all the numbers match, Voltage etc. I don't think it makes a differance. Does it?
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            Radio Shack...ebay...lots of places.


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              Radio Shack Power Supply

              I've had mixed results with the Radio Shack power supplies. They're work for a while and then stop for some reason. I try and replace the heads but the guys at my Radio Shack couldn't come up with a connector the same diameter as the Roland ones. Ended up buying used Roland power supplies on eBay.
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                All the Radio Shacks I have been to have virtually every adapter needed. I have bought power supplies for TD-3/5/6/7/8s many times with no problem.