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Cymbal Mounts

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  • Cymbal Mounts

    I purchased a Pintech Road Pro over year ago. I never used the
    spring thingies with the red rubber for the cymbals. I thought they
    looked pretty tacky. I replaced all my stock hardware with DW's.
    I noticed Hope Drum's site tonight showing a video
    of those being installed and I thought... what the heck, I might
    as well try them and see if it makes any improvements. I have
    the visualite cymbals which have a rubber grommet in the center hole.
    There isn't enough thread on the spring thingie to to even start the
    top screw with the red side down. Black side, yes but they say red against
    the cymbal. If I remove the grommet, the hole in the cymbal is to large for the spring thingie and looks to sloppy. Since they were supplied with the kit, I figured they would work. Am I missing something here?
    Pintech Road Pro

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    You're not missing anything at all. I have the Pintech PC cymbals with the rubber grommet in the hole and use the Aquarian springs. I've always used them with the black (hard) side down, as you described, since it's the only way it will go on the threads. I've used it like that for over three years now with no problems. I think the rubber grommet in the hole of the cymbal provides plenty of protection. The attached pic shows it. Note that on my two CY-8's, I use the red rubber side down, but to do so I removed the bottom (under cymbal) rubber pad (the underside of the CY-8 is relatively soft and rests nicely on the plastic base of the Aquarian spring).
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    Roland TD-10exp, DIY 13" snare, DIY toms, DIY mesh Bass Trigger, Roland CY-15r, CY-8, CY-5, and Pintech PC cymbals


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      Sure seems a little silly that they would supply a part that you cannot
      even use as instructed with their own cymbals. Maybe Brian will chime in. Is there a market out there for a better part? I like engineering and building things.
      Pintech Road Pro


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        I did a little reading on those this morning. It seems their purpose it to prolong the life of the cymbal, and I don't see anything about improving
        sound quality. If nobody can tell me their kit works or plays better with
        them, I'll just leave them where they were. In the box.
        Pintech Road Pro