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new mesh drums

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  • new mesh drums

    I've just hooked up some new Pintech Concert Cast toms and snare to my TD-3.

    I haven't had time to fiddle with them much yet, but...

    They worked well without any problems right out of the box. I ordered a 12 inch snare and made one of the toms 12" too.

    The snare doesn't seem all that different but the toms seem more "responsive". The mesh toms have a much different feel. A larger snare is much nicer as well.

    I'll probably be selling the PD-8s and the PDX-8 snare.

    I want to upgrade the module and cymbals at some point too. Maybe it's be better to sell it all together as a TD-3 kit?


    Td-3KW, now with Pintech mesh drums, except for the kick drum, Sound Percussion throne, PM-10, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, Pintech dingbat, Tama HP 200 pedal, iPod, Sennheiser headphones

    TD-12/Gibraltar rack/Pintech Concertcast drums 12" snare, 1 12" tom, 2 10" toms, 8" mesh kick, Visulite cymbals, 14" dual zone crash, 13" hi-hat, 18" 3 zone ride and 2 Dingbats, Roland PM-10, iPod, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, Roc-N-Soc throne with backrest, Yamaha snare stand, Tama Iron Cobra pedal and HH75W hi-hat stand, Sennheiser HDR 110 wireless headphones. V-expressions 80's and 90's Giggin' Kits and Both Top 50 drummers (hopefully functional soon)

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    I invest in my hobbies on a cash flow basis. It takes multiple paychecks and time to accumulate, but it gives the gear time to sit in with me. If you don't like something or are ready to move on, there is always a buyer for the stuff you slough off. Others may disagree and that this approach is more expensive. Get use to the feel of your new additions with what you have and then explore. You might find that the next ideal move now is actually a module. It made a huge difference for my setup going from a TD-8 to a TD-12. Enjoy those new Pins.
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