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  • Buy Roland now?


    I've decided to buy a TD-12 kit. However I notice that some offers that were available on the web have now dissappeared. Also the TD-6Kxx has been discontinued and replaced with the TD-9.

    Does anyone know if the TD-12 is also going to be superceded, or have it's price reduced in a promotion?

    If so, then of course I would wait.



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    I think you'll find the TD12 is likely to increase in price rather than drop. I'm just guessing but I don't think Roland would be phasing out the TD12 until after a new replacement for the TD20 is released which I wouldn't be expecting for a couple of years yet.


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      I would not expect a successor to the TD-12 anytime soon at all... no where near at least a few years from now. Roland will be in a flux of replacing all the lower end modules at this time. (thus, the HD, 9, etc.) The TD-20 will get it's long anticipated update this summer and then I'd expect to see another new product or two around 12-18 months from now. I've actually been anticipating another SPD type product. I would venture to say Roland probably has the R&D for the TD-30(?) in full swing by now. I would guess we should see something in about 24-36 months for that, but there very well could be a TD-12ish type of release fighting that time line as well. Personally, I think the key is to expect some new roads and products in the not too distant future.
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        I wouldn't expect the TD-12 to go away anytime soon. If you can hang in there, definitely get the TD-12. You won't be disappointed.
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          With Yamaha now throwing down the gauntlet with a new module that includes sampling I expect Roland will need to respond quickly or risk losing a lot of sales......

          I also see a lot of forum members wanting "higher quality" sounds than the inbuilt Roland soundset - using BFD etc, so sampled sounds seems to be where the market is heading.

          We live in interesting times


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            Sorry wrong post forum.