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TAMA Rolling Glide or Power Glide

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  • TAMA Rolling Glide or Power Glide


    I'm buying a TD-12 setup and would like some advice on the best bass drum pedal to use with this. I've been told the TAMA pedals are good but which should I go for, the Rolling Glide or the Power Glide? Can anyone tell me what would be the difference between these, and would you recommend another make?



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    The Power Glide has a cam that isn't a perfect circle. This accelerates the beater more and creates more power. The rolling glide has a perfect circle cam that is smoother, it also has the Cobra coil. Basically just a spring under the footboard that returns it to it's natural position faster.

    I looked at these for a while. I really wanted the Rolling Glide but the don't make it in left footed doubles. So I settled on Pearl Eliminators which I think is better anyway, because they are very adjustable and have multiple cams to try out. Might want to look at Pearls.

    BTW, the Cam is the part under the belt or chain. Changing the shape of it can drastically change the feel of the pedal. Perfectly round cams offer 1:1 pedal to beater movement. I mention this just because when I was shopping for my first pedal I had no idea about this stuff. If you already know, I'm sorry.

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      I have the powerglide, and it is a great pedal. I am not sure that it would be the best for e-drums, which don't take quite the impact to get the peak velocity out of. The Rolling Glide will probably give you a more linear feel as you play harder.

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        They are fairly similar in feel until you get to about 65% of the stroke...but it's still subtle.

        I have the rolling glide and can notice a slight difference when I switch to my buddies powerglide...but not enough to throw me off or anything. It's slight.

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          My Roland pedal, which I'm fairly reliably informed is a Cobra Jr clone, uses the Rolling glide and I have no problems with it, if that helps at all?


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            That is true. The difference between the Power and Rolling Glide isn't that much. And I don't think power is as important with E-drums. So Rolling may be the best bet between the two.
            TD-6V Module, 3 PD-8s (soon to be 4), 2 CY-8s (soon to be 3), 1 CY-5, KD-8 with double Left footed Pearl Eliminators, FD-8 HH control.