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VEX kudos and organizing question

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  • VEX kudos and organizing question

    I wanted to give VExpressions two sticks up. Sure, it is fun to hear your favorite drummers kits, but the real value is the great tweaking that brings the module to life. The cymbals have much more spirit the drums seem to have a new vitality than the factory settings. Great use of the machines potential. It is much beyond the common tweaking that I was doing to improve the quality of the sounds. Again, thanks for the great service that both VExpressions give the e-drummers and the personal service that you give. -Mark aka Drum head )'>

    My question is involving the handling, further manipulation and saving of kits beyond VdrumLIB capabilities. Is there a two way communication possible between the TD-12 module and my computer? I would love to save my fine tuned tweaks, my unusual rim/head appointments and other settings on the computer and ideally be able to tweak them on the computer to download to the module.
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    Hi drum head ')>

    The bulk dump process will save all of the current settings you have applied to your module as an .syx file
    - you can use VdrumLib to mix and match this file and the VEx kits and also to perform some limited configuration of the .syx file
    - for more sophisticated configuration you have to dump the file from VdrumLib back into your module and tweak it further - then do another bulk dump as a backup copy.
    Use version control (e.g. kit v1, kit v2 etc) for your .syx files to allow you to create a restore point so you can go back to earlier versions if you ever want to. The files are very small, so it should be no issue storing them on your pc.