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Roland TD-9 "Special Cable" for connecting the pads...

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  • Roland TD-9 "Special Cable" for connecting the pads...

    I'm brand new on here guys so please don't blast me! This may be answered in another thread or something but can't find anything.

    I'm a long time Roland TD Electronic drummer (started way back with the old triangular pads!, I've had an old Roland kit that didn't even have a kit name-LOL(the module would have made a nice boat anchor!), TD-7 kit, TD-6V kit, and a TD-3... Now, I am building one from scratch - with blue PD-120's and all the CY series cymbals and hats on a blue rack. I am wanting to buy the new Roland TD-9 module for my newly "home-made" Roland V-Session Kit (bought everything piece by piece off of Ebay). Now, I am just looking at my module options TD-20 and TD-12 are way out of my budget! So, I am thinking on either an expanded TDW-1 TD-10 , regular TD-10, or the new TD-9.

    My question is regarding the TD-9... No where can I find if the "special connecting harness/cable" is included with the module AND/OR where to purchase it if it is not included. I have called a couple a music stores and no one will open a box to look! I've been all over Roland's website...nothing there about it either.... If any of you have bought just the module, you would know for sure--that would be great! Thanks in advance to anyone that knows!

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    It's included: See Accessories on the Specs tab at TD-9: Percussion Sound Module (Roland US).

    Oh; and Welcome!



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      ... also confirmed on Page 16 of the TD-9 manual:

      "Connect the included cable to the TD-9’s TRIGGER INPUT connector, and connect your pads and pedals."



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        Well, I figured the info would be in the manual, unfortunately Roland hasn't posted the .pdf manual up on their site yet... They only have the quick reference and the sales brochures for the TD-9 posted up there...
        Do you have a copy of the .pdf manual?


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          Oh...do you or anyone have a picture of that cable to post on here? That would be wonderful. Thanks!


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            Originally posted by USAFsnaredrumr View Post
            Do you have a copy of the .pdf manual?
            The manual is available on the Roland International site:


            The Global website of Roland Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments, including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, audio processors, and multimedia products.


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              Originally posted by Drew Armentrout View Post

              THANKS A MILLION!
              I am so glad I found this site! You guys are awesome! Now, I have some reading to do. The TD-9 or an older TD-10 TDW-1????????????