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Most popular kick drum on the TD-6

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  • Most popular kick drum on the TD-6

    I would like some input on the most popular kick sounds offered on the TD-6. There are so many to choose from! I like a good boom, with a nice click at the same time. Please let me know what number/name your kick drum is, if you have the TD-6.

    Thanks very much!

  • #2
    #99 (Std 1 2K), Pitch (-10), Decay (0).
    I like my hearing.


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      Hey cfreeze,

      That question is too hard !!

      With 99 drum kits to set up and choose.......how about.....Maple for the maple kit, birch for the birch kit, beech for the beech kit......


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        Thanks you guys.....It's true, with 99 to choose from, it can be difficult! I like several of them, but I'll try the #99 and see how it sounds.


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          Dang that is a hard question! All I know is I changed the kicks of the RoseWood kick because they sucked. Not sure what I changed them too, cause I'm at work. I love the RockShow kit, and haven't changed anything it.

          I've custom made several but I could tell you specifically what drums I used.
          TD-6V Module, 3 PD-8s (soon to be 4), 2 CY-8s (soon to be 3), 1 CY-5, KD-8 with double Left footed Pearl Eliminators, FD-8 HH control.


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            I agree with #99, however I drop it to -25 on the pitch and warm it up on the external mixer with a little more low-mid range. I also use #30 sometimes for a big room sound and #4 once in a while for a tight disco type pop sound.


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              man i really love mondo

              That sound is FAT. Oh it's #66 btw.
              Pintech e-jam with TD6 brain + vintage olympic kit