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  • VExpressions

    i was listening to the vexpression kits today and just thought that these sounds are nothing but just the pre-loaded custom kits with some settings and effects added. i am right or wrong.
    if i am right, though it would be a huge task but these sounds can be produced by configuring the sounds on td-20. right?

    just want to know what i would be paying for, i am going to buy the master picks anyways.

    any suggestions on other better packages from vexpressions?


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    You are partially correct. There is no way to bring new samples into the TD20, but the VEX people are masters at tweaking what's in there. The kits are not reworked versions of the original kits, but reworked arrangements of the many available samples, assembled into various kits. You would spend months, even years, learning what these guys know and putting together 50 kits. It's money well spent.


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      thanks stickinthemud

      would you be able to suggest some good vex packs for rock playing.
      i do play a lil bit of funk n jazz but more of my playing is influenced by rock.

      thanks once again


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        A big bump for Stickinthemud here.
        I am a professional sound engineer with a couple of decades of experience and I know how to get great sounds from live engineering and studio recordings. I also know how to get decent sounds out of the TD12/20 modules too and have created some kits I am very happy with... but.......
        ....to do what the VEX guys have done would take me AGES and, even then, these guys are masters with drum sounds and how to get them from these modules. I'll be buying the full Drummers Dream pack from Alan VERY soon and can't wait!
        Having listened to ALL the samples of the VEX kits on their site, from the perspective of a professional engineer, it is obvious that these guys know their stuff. Two paws up from the Puss!!


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          Agreed - to setup all the kits takes a long time and a critical ear, but it can be done......

          If you get one of the Vex sets such as the 50 masters and VDrumLib you can then see what the Vex guys have done and juggle them around to suit your own taste - it's well worth the (relatively few) $s to save the time and accelerate the learning curve.


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            I got the Master Picks and that suffices for the limited demands of my amateur drumming. If I'm not mistaken, that seems to be the all-around favorite. Best to visit vexpressionsltd.com and give a listen to their various collections.


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              Definitely worth the money!

              Tanshull22 - I just bought a bunch of packages from VEX just the other day. What those guys are selling is worth more than what you are paying. All the kits are made up of the instruments that come on the modules from the factory but trust me.. these guys have a sixth sense.

              These kits are amazing! With the Gigging and Artist Kits, you can play along to the CD's or mp3's and you cannot tell whether its you playing or the drummer on the recording. They are so close that I have to add an extra snare shot every couple minutes to make sure my drums are still working. Every one of the kits are dead on accurate. The factory kits do not even compare to the VEX kits.

              I have: Program kits 1, Gigging Kits, Top 50 Drummers 1 & 2, Professor's Pack, and Exotic Kits 1.

              I recommend the Program kits 1 for the brand name kits. There is a lot of variety when you are looking for different brands and models. They all sound identical to their respective kits. I have owned a few of the acoustic kits in this package and all the unique characteristics of each kit are the same.

              If playing along with your favorite CD's/mp3's is something you like to do.. the Gigging and Top 50 Drummer's Kits are your best friend. These kits are perfectly matched to the kits of each drummer. I never imagined I would be able to play my favorite drummer's kits but now I get to. These kits are my favorite among them all.

              The VEX kits have greatly multiplied my V-Drums experience. I wouldnt be surprised if the VEX guys end up as multi-millionaires one day when more people find out about them and find out just how great their kits are. You will be very satisfied with any package you purchase.

              Let me know if you have any other questions.

              I highly recommend kits from V-Expressions.


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                Get them sooner rather than later!

                Tanshull22 - I fear that if you are reading this post, then you are wasting way too much time reading about VEX kits instead of playing on them!

                Above is my two cents worth on their worth.

                Sure you might be able to create them all given enough time and effort (lots of both) becasue they certainly did! But do you want to play great sounding drums or spend lots of time making just a few yourself? That's certainly a worthy endevor... But I know I'll never have the time, skill, and experiance to do what they do, nearly as well as they do it.



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                  thanks to all for their advice.
                  i have ordered my cf card reader and will be buying atleast one of the packs the day my reader arrives :-)

                  thanks once again