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E-Drums & A-Cymbals: Bridging The Void

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  • E-Drums & A-Cymbals: Bridging The Void


    I have been speculating recently about switching from acoustic drums to electronics; however, I am wanting to keep my acoustic cymbals. For gigs and practicing, I don't have any real issues with having e-drums and a-cymbals. Where it gets a little more intersting is recording. I can obviously go out from my TD-20 to record that, but I will need some kind of ambient mic to capture my cymbals. I have briefly toyed before with trying to get a mic to plug into the mix-in on the TD-20, but it was entirely too quiet even when maxed on the volume. It behaves similarly to when I have plugged a mic from XLR to 1/4" on my mixer. It is much more quiet than when I go XLR to XLR. I don't know the technical explanation for why this is, other than the 1/4" input is the LINE input.

    At any rate, my basic question is: Is there any way to utilize the mix-in on the TD-20 to plug in a mic to pickup my acoustic cymbals?

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    What about running your mic(s) through a small mixer and sending the output of the mixer to the mix in jack of the TD-20?

    You'd have volume control and EQ capabilities along with any other feature your particular mixer has that you may want to use, i.e. compression, reverb, FX, etc.
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      That would work, just wonder if there would be a way to circumvent having to use a mixer.


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        Why do the cymbals have to go through the TD-20 whilst recording?


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          They don't have to. I was just curious is it would be possible.


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            It should be, but I'd doubt you'd do it without a desk, or a set of pre amps.