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Kd-120 & Kd-85

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  • Kd-120 & Kd-85


    Just wondering besides the obvious visual differences between the two, are they are any feature or playing differences between the KD-120 & KD-85?

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    I bought the 120 as an upgrade to the TD9 kit. I have not tried the KD-85, but the reason I went with the 120 is that I figured the larger head would produce more bounciness, like the feel of a real acoustic bass drum. So far, I love it.


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      I went for the KD-85 because of the price diference, as well as the extra floor space taken up and taller height of the KD-120. For me, the KD-120 wasn't really an option, so I haven't tried both. When I researched it here previously though, it seemed that a number of people who had tried both reported liking the 120 more, feel-wise. Sound-wise of course, they both sound exactly the same! As for me, I'm happy with my KD 85. I felt it was a significant upgrade over the solid rubber KD-8 I had had previously.


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        Coming from the acoustic world, do you find that either of them slip much? I've never had a problem with my acoustic basses sliding, but I always play on carpet. I've never had to extend the spikes on my A-Bass feet either?

        I am very in to heel-toe and double bass techniques, so I am looking for something that would lend well to that. I don't know if one would be better than the other for this? I must comment though, that I play two individual pedals, so I'm not concerned about head space for two beaters.


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          1. Where does the cord plug into on both of these?

          2. Do the thumb screws on the sides adjust the height of the spurs, or the angle?


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            I have the KD-120 on carpet without spikes, and for me, it does not move at all. As far as response, to me, it feels like an acoustic drum, and I can tighten and loosen the head as I see fit. I'm a bit new to double-bass, with a double pedal, so I cannot give any feedback on that.
            The cord plugs into the top of the "shell".
            The thumb screws adjust both the height and the angle of the legs. The spikes appear when the rubber feet are twisted higher up the leg.


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              I have tried them all and went back to KD-8s. It really is a matter of preference as one doesn't trigger better than the others.

              I like the KD-8 because of its size and it feels like playing a 22" bass drum with a pillow in it. You will get more bounce with the KD-120 and KD-85. For my money, the KD-120 feels the most like an unencumbered bass drum. And gosh, I hate that.