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Is this a good deal?

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  • Is this a good deal?

    Hey all. Long time reader, first time poster, and need some advice. I'm buying an electronic kit soon and have been scoping the local classifieds for deals and going to music stores and whatnot.

    Is it a good deal to get the DTXpress IV special for $1200? I'm somewhat of a beginner and am also heading to university where I may plan on taking it (so size is somewhat important). I've always been looking at Roland models, but it seems that at that price point, Roland can't offer anything that can compete.

    I might also add that I a currently rent a TD-3KS (with a bought CY-5 upgrade) and run it through Addictive drums, so to me, I'm looking more at the pad quality, and number of outputs I can get as opposed to the module sounds.

    Thanks for any help,