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Convert from A to E ???

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  • Convert from A to E ???

    I'm thinking' to convert from A to E with (RT-10S for the snare and the toms. What can I do to silencing the rims?
    Does the triggers(RT-10) works as well as the V-Pads(PD-105,PD-85)?

    I have two choices but i can't decide...
    The 1st choice is to buy the Roland TD-9KX and the 2nd choice is to convert my Acoustics to Electronics with Roland TD-9 sound module, RT-10S x4 & RT-10T triggers, V-cymbal pads (CY-12R, CY-8, VH-11), TDRUM mesh heads (14" for the snare, 10",14",18" for the toms & 22" for the bass drum)...

    Which kit has better results? Technically speaking...

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    Look up Jman's projects. He uses clear tubing split down the middle to silence rims.

    The RT series will not give you positional sensing. (I don't know if the TD-9 supports PS or not but the TD-12/20 does) The biggest advantage to the center mount triggers is PS.

    Technically, I have seen DIY kits that trigger as good, if not better, than the Roland Pads. I have also seen a lot worse. It is a trial and error process to get it just right. The TD-9 kit will trigger fine right out of the box.

    The big question is whether you want the look and feel of a full size kit and are willing to go through some effort to get it to work right.